Rotogravure Printing Machine vs. Flexo Printing Machine



Rotogravure VS Flexo


A number of considerations should be made while choosing between a rotogravure printing machine and flexo printing machine, such as the need for print quality, production volume, substrate compatibility, and financial limitations. In the printing industry, rotogravure and flexo printing machines are two well-known technologies with unique benefits and uses. By using engraved cylinders to transmit ink onto the substrate, rotogravure printing creates consistently high-quality images with outstanding color accuracy and detail. It is the go-to option for packaging materials including flexible packaging, labels, and magazines because it works especially well in high-speed production settings and lengthy print runs.


Difference Between Rotogravure and Flexo


Rotogravure Printing Machine

Flexo Printing Machine


Known for producing consistent, high-resolution images with vibrant colors and sharp details.

Uses flexible relief plates mounted on rotating cylinders to transfer ink onto a substrate.


Offers excellent ink coverage and uniformity, suitable for various substrates like plastics, foils, and films.

Versatile and adaptable, suitable for printing on various materials including paper, cardboard, plastics, and labels.


Provides precise color registration and excellent print quality, important for image clarity and brand representation.

Offers quick setup times and lower production costs compared to rotogravure printing.


Setup time and cost can be significant due to cylinder engraving and plate preparation.

Requires more frequent maintenance and adjustments to ensure optimal print quality and performance.


May not be as cost-effective for short print runs or small-scale projects compared to other printing methods.

May have limitations in achieving the same level of image resolution and detail as rotogravure printing, especially with complex designs.


Rotogravure printing offers superior print quality and image resolution.

flexo printing may have limitations in achieving the same level of detail.


Rotogravure printing is more efficient for high-volume production runs.

flexo printing is better suited for short print runs or on-demand printing.


Initial setup costs and per-unit costs differ between the two methods.

flexo printing being more cost-effective for short print runs.


For large projects with heavy asphalt usage, they might be cost-effective.

Inability to precisely weigh and screen; lack of accurate monitoring and adjustment of the oil-stone ratio during operation


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